Spanish Collection


Spanish artistry is known both for its subtle elegance and exuberant extravagance, two opposites that fuse into one spirit in the Spanish collection. Spain's art has never known boundaries, be it the influences and works of Goya or Picasso. Similarly its glasswork borrowed from Czechand Bohemian influences, and turned it into adistinctive art form. The techniques used to craft Bohemian glass into pieces of art originated in Bohemia, hence the name. With flawless finish and excellent radiance Bohemian glassmaking is known for its intricate designs and harmonious colour compositions.The oldest glassmaking traditions come together with the most advanced and innovative technology to create the thought provoking pieces of the Spanish collection. Inspired by Sparkling stars, charming flowers and grand castles, the very poetry of the Spanish soul has been teased to life by skilled artisans into chandeliers-bold, beautiful and bewitching.

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