Italian Collection


 Craftsmanship perfected since the Renaissance, and beauty inspired by visions of architectural marvels comes together in Murano glass chandeliers in the Italian Collection. Each piece is an artistic marvel blown to life painstakingly by traditional craftsman from Murano – the quaint little Italian islands synonymous with magnificent Murano glassmaking. It was on these islands that Master pieces from the renowned craftsmen Giuseppe Lorenzo Briati and Angelo Barovier took shape. From this same legacy of grandeur we bring you the new awe-inspiring TISVA collection. Crafted in the Murrine technique, which involves layering of hot liquid glass to form delicate compositions, the Italian Collection captivates, entices and teases one to wonder at the mysteries of its craftsmanship and flawless beauty. The chandeliers carry the very spirit of the floating city, as they hover like dreams above us. Alluring, beautiful and majestic.

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