Gauri Khan

Gauri's Tips

Outdoor lighting should not only look beautiful but it also needs to improve a home’s safety. Be it a Patio or a Garden, I recommend a mix of Spikes and Bollards to light up your outdoors.

It is important to focus on the shadow of light. Like in a bathroom, try placing light on either side of the mirror, instead of a single light above to avoid shadows on your face.

Nothing is more incomplete than a dark closet. I suggest the use of fluorescent lights for closet area as they provide lots of light, saves energy and can be easily concealed behind the header of door.

Did you know LED lights are brighter, cooler to the touch, made of nontoxic materials and are difficult to break. Well, this unique quality makes them perfect replacement lights for your children’s rooms.

Good lighting should multitask and set the mood. A dimmer is an inexpensive and essential tool to control the light. A quaint dinner party simply isn't so quaint if your dining room is lit up like a stadium.

Controlling light while staring at computer is tricky; to prevent eye fatigue, keep the light in the room no brighter than the screen. A desk lamp with soft, ambient light will do the magic.

Bring life to your Living Space by just doing a mix and match of your lighting fixtures. They don't have to be from the same lighting family or design.

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