6.5-Watts Down Lighter • SKU: DL0761014
MRP: inr symbol1,490
TISVA's range of downlighters has been designed to throw an evenly diffused beam of light. Taking its collection of designer downlights a step forward, TISVA has added dimmers and dimmable drivers to give you complete control over the intensity of light to create the desired mood and ambience. These dimmers and drivers can also be incorporated with any TISVA LED light. Just add these TISVA downlighters on and see how magic happens with the turn of a knob!

Design and Features

Design and Features

  • COB based design emits sharp beam for accentuating elements within the room
  • Swivel design provides flexibility of directing light as desired
  • Optimized heat sink design for ensuring excellent heat dissipation system
  • Ready to use integrated pack with driver
  • Low power consumption product with minimum maintenance
Round Swivel 6.5 Watts
220-240 Volts, 50 Hz
Luminous Flux
650 Lumen
Dimensions in mm
A: 94 mm, B: 82 mm, C: 56 mm

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